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Beam lifting machine


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Girder lifting machine is a kind of gantry crane specially designed for bridge construction. The girder lifting machine is mainly composed of assembled main girder, outrigger, crane, etc. The components are connected by pins and high-strength bolts, which are easy to disassemble and transport. Compared with ordinary gantry cranes, the installation is convenient, economical and practical, and the girder lifting machine is suitable for road and bridge construction units that often flow.

It is mainly used to lift the precast beam from the beam-making platform to the beam storage platform, and lift the precast beam from the beam storage platform to the beam transport vehicle after the maintenance is completed. As a lifting equipment to complete the assembly and disassembly of the bridge erecting machine.

The beam hoisting machine can not only lift the precast beam with two sets, but also can lift the precast beam with a single crane and a double trolley. The lifting weight of the two beam hoisting machines lifting at the same time can generally reach 450 tons, and the lifting weight of the single beam hoisting machine can usually reach 900 tons. It is equipped with outrigger walking, crane walking and crane lifting equipment, which can realize all aspects of mechanized action.

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