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Partial hanging gantry


Portal Crane

The partial hanging gantry crane is a kind of gantry crane. The selection of this kind of crane is generally a long lifting object and needs to rotate at a large angle. For example, in the steel market, steel structure welding places, pipe making professions, etc., we can also customize non-standard partial hanging gantry cranes according to user needs.

The partial hanging gantry crane is composed of bridge, cart operation organization, trolley and electrical equipment. The bridge frame is of box-shaped welded structure, and the L-type gantry crane is driven separately. All actions are operated in the operating room or wireless remote control. Conductive form is divided into two kinds of cable and sliding contact line..

The partial hanging gantry crane has the advantages of novel structure, large working space, wide field of vision in the operating room, flexible control operation, comfortable operation and high working efficiency.

The partial hanging gantry crane is convenient to manufacture and install, has good stress condition and small quality. However, the space where the lifting goods pass through the legs is relatively small. The partial hanging gantry crane is suitable for loading, unloading and handling of various materials in open-air places, warehouses, stock yards, railway freight stations and port terminals, and is widely used in logistics transportation operations. Can also be equipped with a variety of special lifting equipment for special operations.

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