Iron Mountain Lifting: Three Minutes to Let You Know Which Cranes Are Used in Port Logistics

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The port in the cargo handling, container hoisting and other operations, will be widely applied to all kinds of lifting machinery, then you know what kind!

Port Logistics

  1. Tire crane
The tire crane is a kind of full slewing boom crane installed on the special tire base plate, which can move with load under certain conditions and has high working efficiency. The equipment has a wide wheelbase and good lateral stability; the wheelbase is small, the body is short, and the turning radius is small, which is very suitable for narrow workplaces.

▲ Tieshan lifting tire crane

  2. Portal crane
Portal crane is a kind of full slewing boom crane that walks along the ground track, and its working place is relatively fixed. The lifting characteristic of the equipment is that the lifting weight will not change because of the position of the object taking device, that is, a very large lifting capacity can be achieved within its full working range.
  3. Floating crane
Floating crane is a kind of water boom crane, with special pontoon as a support and running device, along the waterway can be towed or self. It can be loaded and unloaded on the water, and its own weight is not limited by the ground carrying capacity of the dock, and it can work with the floating dock without being affected by the water level. It is very suitable for inland river ports with scattered wharf layout, small cargo throughput and heavy cargo loading and unloading, and large water level changes.
The above is the Tieshan crane for your summary of the three types of cranes widely used in port logistics, for your reference. If you want to know more about crane consultation, welcome to contact Tieshan lifting!
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