Tieshan Lifting: What are the characteristics of stacking cranes used in the carbon material industry?

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In the carbon material industry, due to the particularity of the anode carbon block production process, it is easy to cause explosion, poisoning, dust, radiation and other hazards, so special requirements are put forward for cranes. The anode carbon block stacking crane is a special handling equipment developed and designed for its special process, which is mainly used in the carbon block warehouse of large pre-baked anode electrolytic aluminum plant. So what are its characteristics? Come and follow the iron mountain crane to learn together!

▲ Stacking crane

  Anode carbon block stacking craneAlso known as carbon stacking crane and carbon block stacker, it is mainly composed of bridge, cart running mechanism, lifting mechanism, guiding device, clamp device, control system, electric hoist and other parts. It can clamp raw and cooked anode carbon blocks, lift sporadic sundries in the workshop, and can operate at an ambient temperature of minus 40-50. It has the following four characteristics:
  1. High efficiency.The fixture can grab 19 or 21 pieces of anode carbon blocks arranged longitudinally each time for stacking or loading back and forth, and can also realize the removal of waste blocks and the insertion of qualified blocks, which can accumulate 9 layers in total;
  2. High degree of automation and convenient operation.The operation and lifting all adopt frequency conversion speed regulation, and all operations can be completed in the control room;
  3. Simple structure and low energy consumption.The mechanical gravity type automatic clamp is used instead of the pneumatic clamp, the gas source and gas supply pipeline device are omitted, the structure is simplified, and the energy consumption and production cost can be greatly reduced;
  4. Reliable operation.Fixture is through the linkage mechanism to clamp the carbon block, can rely on the friction between the clamp and the carbon block to overcome the gravity of the carbon block, has a good clamping strength and anti-off performance.
The above is the iron mountain lifting for you to summarize the four characteristics of the anode carbon block stacking crane, I hope to help you. If you want to know more about the equipment, welcome to consult Tieshan lifting, we will serve you wholeheartedly!