How to distinguish the European crane configuration is good or bad?

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In the past two years, European-style cranes have been deeply loved by customers due to their light weight, low energy consumption and strong bearing capacity. Whether it is new plant construction or equipment renovation, European cranes can help customers reduce construction costs and operating costs. New equipment, European crane is undoubtedly preferred. For the insider, the equipment parameters will know the European crane is good or bad, if it is not very understanding of the use of demand of the purchaser, how to buy it? Follow the iron mountain crane together to understand the important indicators of the purchase!

▲ European crane (left one, single beam, left two, double beam)

Choose European crane, need to consider the following factors:
  1. Bearing capacity:The carrying capacity refers to the maximum weight of lifting heavy objects. It is necessary to select the appropriate lifting weight according to the working conditions. Try to choose a European crane with a slightly larger weight than expected to avoid the loss of equipment caused by overload operation.
  2. Main beam structure:Its forms include single and double main girders, truss beams and box beams. The selection of single and double main beams is based on the lifting weight. If the lifting weight is above 50t, it is recommended to choose double beams. The bearing capacity of double main girder is better than that of single main girder.
  3. Height and span:Select the appropriate height and span according to the work site. The span size of the crane is determined according to the use of the site, in the choice to ensure that the European crane below the passage is convenient, does not occupy too much space.
  4. Operation mode:At present, the remote control is a more mainstream choice, the operation is more convenient.
  5. Maintenance and Maintenance:Choose a European crane that is easy to maintain and maintain, thereby reducing the cost of maintenance.
  6. Safety performance:Choose a high safety European crane, to understand the protection device of the crane, to ensure the safety of operators and equipment.
  7. Brand and price:Choose a European crane brand with high reputation and good reputation, you can understand the strength of the brand manufacturer through multiple channels, and choose the brand with the right price according to the budget.
Choose suitable European crane, need to consider the above factors. Tieshan crane suggests that if the purchaser has time, he can conduct on-the-spot investigation and have a more intuitive understanding of the production process, quality inspection, manufacturer strength, service, etc., so as to select European cranes and reassuring manufacturers that are better in all aspects.