Iron Mountain Lifting this self-balancing bridge erecting machine meets all the needs of complex engineering projects!

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China's infrastructure is in full swing, high-speed railway from the city to the mountain, over the mountains, across the river and the sea, its construction conditions are constantly changing, with the increase of construction difficulty, the application of new technology, new technology, the construction equipment also has higher requirements. Tieshan crane closely follows the construction requirements. The new generation of self-balancing bridge erecting machine developed and upgraded can meet the requirements of girder erecting under complex construction conditions, thus improving the flexibility and operation convenience of the bridge erecting machine. The additional side girder can be installed in one step, and the full working conditions can be operated in one step. The efficiency is higher, and the particularity of its model can also save transportation costs.
A new generation of self-balancing bridge machine 6 major features:
  1. Bridge erecting machine vias are safer
The length of the main beam is lengthened, which improves the safety of the through hole.
  2. The position of the rear leg can be adjusted
The position of the rear leg can be adjusted according to the actual situation on site to facilitate the erection of a small curved bridge.
  3. Angle adjustment is easier
A positioning device is added between the leg rotating flanges to facilitate the angle adjustment of the bridge erecting machine.
  4. Full working condition operation, high efficiency
Fully self-balancing through holes, erecting side beams in one step. In addition, the leg of the bridge erecting machine and the fixing device of the main beam are of spiral pressure bar type, which is convenient for on-site operation.
  5. On-site installation and transition are faster
The whole machine limit, power supply bracket, ladder, etc. are all connected by bolts, which is convenient for on-site installation, transition, etc., and greatly reduces the installation time.
  6. High safety factor, more suitable for complex working conditions
The main beam is made of Q355B profile, which improves the safety factor of the whole machine. The bridge erecting machine can meet the complex working conditions such as front and rear erecting beams, tunnel entrance erecting beams, cross-railway erecting beams, etc.

▲ Tieshan lifting self-balancing bridge erecting machine

In addition to the above characteristics, the self-balancing bridge erecting machine of Tieshan crane is also equipped with multiple intelligent safety protection, which makes the bridge erecting machine better guaranteed and has higher safety performance. When designing the self-balancing bridge erecting machine, the engineers of Tieshan crane fully considered the track, road surface conditions and load conditions, and will provide them with combination methods according to customer needs, improve the efficiency of project construction, and meet the high-quality and high-speed completion of project construction.