Tieshan Lifting: This European-style gantry crane is safe and reliable, with strong performance, and customers say yes!

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Thanks to the unique design concept, European gantry crane has many advantages, the current more and more customers began to pay attention to, the use of European gantry crane, then what are these advantages!

▲ Tieshan Lifting European Gantry Crane

  1, make full use of plant space, improve production efficiency, reduce investment costs.
From the trolley, end beam to the main beam, more reasonable structural settings have been carried out. The dead weight and size are much smaller than those of traditional cranes. Under the condition of the same demand, the European gantry crane with low headroom can reduce the height of the plant, reduce the cross-sectional size of the bearing rail beam and the bearing capacity of the corbel and pile foundation, and reduce the requirements for the track and power supply slide line, to a certain extent, it reduces the customer's comprehensive investment in plant and lifting equipment.
  2, good combination, can meet most of the needs of customers.
The performance parameters of the traditional lifting trolley are single, the selectable range of lifting and running speed is small, the control mode is relatively backward, and the control performance is poor. If customers want to add some special functions, it is often difficult to meet; the European gantry crane with standardized and modular design overcomes these shortcomings, the coverage of lifting weight and lifting height is larger, and there are more choices of lifting speed, the running speed of the trolley can also be adjusted to meet the needs of more special conditions.

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  3, safe and reliable, good performance, low failure rate.
European-style gantry crane has more perfect safety protection measures, including height limit, overload limit, travel limit, emergency limit, wrong phase, lack of phase, undervoltage, overvoltage protection, etc. For large-scale lifting equipment and special-purpose lifting equipment, it is equipped with optional functions such as electronic anti-sway, real-time monitoring, synchronous control, precise positioning, etc. to reduce lifting risks.
  4. Stable operation, flexible and simple operation.
Reducers, brakes, couplings, motors and other key components are manufactured with higher quality materials and technology, which greatly optimizes the operating performance of the equipment, and has less noise, which improves the working environment and operating experience of workers to a certain extent., The experience is better.
After reading the advantages of the European-style gantry crane that Tieshan crane summarizes for everyone, I believe you will have a clearer understanding of this product. If you are interested in purchasing or leasing, please contact Tieshan Lifting!