How to choose a lightweight crane? May wish to understand the lower iron mountain crane European single beam crane

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With the application of new technologies, new materials and new processes, crane products are constantly upgrading, developing in the direction of new and practical: lightweight, automation, intelligent, large tonnage, high efficiency, multi-purpose, etc. In order to make the products more beautiful, stronger performance, higher carrying capacity, and reduce the cost of building new factories and transforming and adding trucks, Tieshan Crane has introduced a series of European cranes, among which European single-beam cranes are popular with users.
  ★Light weight, low energy consumption, high bearing capacity
This European-style single-beam crane has the characteristics of light weight, compact structure, light and beautiful appearance, simple adjustment, low energy consumption, stable operation, and wide range of supporting facilities.
European-style single-beam crane adopts the lightweight design concept. Compared with traditional cranes, it is small in size, compact in structure, and its weight is about 70% of that of traditional cranes. In order to reduce the weight and improve the carrying capacity of the crane, the Tieshan crane has been improved in material selection and process.
Compared with traditional cranes, the European-style single-beam crane of Tieshan crane is more energy-saving. It adopts frequency conversion speed regulation technology and intelligent control system, which can adjust power and speed according to different working conditions to realize energy consumption. In addition, the limit distance of the European single beam crane hook to the wall is smaller, the clearance height is lower, and the lifting height is higher, which increases the effective working space of the existing plant. For users, the construction of new plants can be designed smaller, more complete functions.

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  ★Save users to build new plant costs and renovation costs.
For users to build new plants and retrofit cars, the use of Tieshan European single-beam cranes can reduce plant construction costs and retrofit costs. In addition, the construction of small plants can reduce maintenance costs, heating, air conditioning and other costs, to help users save costs.
Tieshan crane has always paid attention to technological innovation. In the design of crane products, it pays attention to prolonging service life, reducing maintenance, reducing maintenance costs, improving operation efficiency, creating more benefits for users and realizing greater value. If you have hoisting, transport needs, welcome to consult Tieshan lifting.