Iron Mountain Lifting: Why Subway Slag Easily Solves Slag Transportation Problems? Highlights in this!

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The report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China proposed to speed up the construction of a powerful transportation country. As an important field, the construction process of subway and other rail transit has been accelerating in recent years. During the construction of the subway, a large amount of muck will be produced, which is usually transported by manpower or transport trolley. However, due to the height difference between the foundation pit of the subway and the ground, these two methods are not only time-consuming and inefficient, but also prone to collision accidents. Next, Tieshan crane will introduce an automatic muck transportation equipment-subway slag machine.


The subway slag machine is composed of bridge, cart, trolley, electric hoist, hopper tilting device and other parts. Its working process is as follows: after the muck is loaded in the hopper, the muck is lifted to a specified height by the electric hoist above the trolley, then loaded into the cart on the ground and transported directly to the specified position, and finally the muck can be successfully poured out by tipping the hopper by the tipping device. So what are the characteristics of the equipment that saves manpower and material resources?

▲ Tieshan Lifting Subway Slag Machine

  Tieshan lifting subway slag machine 5 features:
  1. Wide speed range and high lifting efficiency.The speed range is 1:10, the lifting speed can be arbitrarily stepless speed regulation with the change of the load, realizing the heavy load low speed, light load high speed, greatly improving the working efficiency of the slag machine;
  2. Strong negative pressure capacity.It has a very low stable positioning speed, and can be overloaded for long-term operation at low speed;
  3. Stable and reliable operation.The size of the car running system using soft start control, because the speed is stepless transition, almost no mechanical impact;
  4. Long service life.If the closed-loop control, can do the lifting hook zero speed brake, greatly improve the service life of the brake;
  5, the current is small, not easy to heat.The starting current of the motor is less than 1.5 times the rated current, which reduces the requirements for starting the power grid and reduces the heating of the motor from frequent starting and braking and positive and negative rotation.
The existence of the subway slag machine has greatly improved the efficiency of subway construction operations, and has also promoted the development level of underground space. It is a powerful assistant in the construction of my country's transportation power. If you want to know more about the subway slag machine, welcome to consult Tieshan lifting!
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