Continue to strengthen scientific and technological innovation, iron mountain crane and then won the invention patent!

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Recently, the iron mountain crane made a new invention patent-"a municipal culvert laying lifting equipment". The acquisition of this patent not only demonstrates the strength of Tieshan Crane in the technological innovation of the lifting and transportation industry, but also highlights the efforts and contributions of Tieshan Crane in the construction of urban infrastructure.
The acquisition of this patent means that the technical advantages and innovative ability of the lifting equipment of Tieshan Crane in the field of municipal culvert pipe laying have been recognized. Municipal culvert laying is an indispensable part of urban infrastructure construction, and lifting equipment, as one of the key tools, plays a vital role in improving construction efficiency and quality. The newly obtained patent lays a solid technical foundation for the development of safer, more stable and more efficient lifting equipment for Tieshan Lifting.

▲ Tieshan Lifting Plant Area

As a service provider of the overall solution of intelligent lifting equipment, Tieshan crane has been closely following the pace of national strategic development, and is well aware of the importance of urban infrastructure and its significance for urban development. Therefore, Tieshan crane continues to strengthen technology research and development, constantly innovate products, and inject new power and vitality into urban infrastructure construction.
Tieshan Crane has always been adhering to the business philosophy of "quality, technology, service, openness and integration", adhering to the mission of "doing lifting business and creating brand", keeping pace with the times and constantly exploring and innovating. Tieshan crane has a skilled and experienced R & D team, which not only has profound professional knowledge and technical strength, but also has keen market insight and innovation consciousness. It actively cooperates with all parties to carry out technical exchanges, introduce new scientific and technological achievements and ideas, and transform them into practical products and solutions.
The innovative development of Tieshan crane is not only reflected in technology, but also in the business model, actively exploring new market opportunities, expanding diversified business, providing overall solutions to meet customer needs. Always adhere to the customer as the center, pay attention to customer needs and feedback, constantly optimize products and services, improve user experience.

▲ Tieshan lifting products for the construction site

Today, Tieshan crane has once again demonstrated its innovation ability and industry status by obtaining the utility model patent of "a kind of lifting equipment for municipal culvert pipe laying", and will take this as an opportunity to further strengthen scientific and technological innovation, constantly improve product quality and technical level, and contribute more to urban infrastructure construction.
Tieshan crane, is willing to work with you to create a new future of urban infrastructure!