Tieshan lifting shipbuilding gantry crane, suitable for lifting and transportation in shipyards and loading docks

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Shipyards, floating docks, loading docks, etc. often carry out hull repair, hull section lifting operations, lifting weight and span, high height. In order to meet the needs of dock, platform hoisting and capsizing operations, Tieshan Crane has developed a shipbuilding gantry crane with the characteristics of large lifting tonnage, large span, large lifting height, functional diversity and structural stability.

Shipbuilding gantry crane

  Shipbuilding gantry crane six characteristics:
  1. Multiple functions
The shipbuilding gantry crane has multiple functions such as single crane, lifting crane, air flip, air horizontal micro-rotation, etc., which can meet different operation requirements, and can flexibly respond to various complex lifting scenarios to improve work efficiency.
  2. Door frame design
The portal frame has two types of single main beam type and double main beam type for users to choose. In order to use the material reasonably, the main beam adopts the variable cross-section optimization design, which improves the rigidity and stability of the mast and ensures the safe and reliable lifting operation.
  3. Leg design
The rigid leg of the portal frame has a single column type for users to choose. The single-column outrigger design can provide better support and stability to ensure the safe operation of the crane.
  4. Lower trolley design
The lower trolley is provided with main and auxiliary hooks, which are placed below the center of the main beam. This design can achieve multiple lifting point operation and improve the flexibility and versatility of the crane.
  5. Crossing operation
The upper and lower trolleys can cross each other, which improves the flexibility and adaptability of the machine, not only saves time and labor costs, but also improves the efficiency of the operation.
  6. Variable frequency speed regulation
All lifting mechanisms and operating mechanisms adopt frequency conversion speed regulation, which can adjust the speed according to actual needs, provide more precise control and more stable operation, and meet the needs of energy saving and consumption reduction.
As a veteran crane enterprise, Tieshan crane has profound technical strength and rich industry experience, and is committed to providing customers with high-quality and high-performance crane products, which are widely used in manufacturing, construction, shipbuilding and other fields. Whether it is a large shipbuilding gantry crane or other types of lifting equipment such as European cranes, girders, bridge erecting machines, etc., Tieshan Lifting can meet customer needs and provide perfect after-sales service and support.
With the help of Tieshan crane, customers can obtain higher efficiency and better safety operation experience, and improve production efficiency and competitiveness. If you have the demand of the product, welcome to consult Tieshan lifting.